Рефераты по иностранным языкам

Face recognition

06 Февраля 2013, аттестационная работа

Over the last ten years or so, face recognition has become a popular area of research in computer vision and one of the most successful applications of image analysis and understanding. Because of the nature of the problem, not only computer science researchers are interested in it, but neuroscientists and psychologists also. It is the general opinion that advances in computer vision research will provide useful insights to neuroscientists and psychologists into how human brain works, and vice versa.

Family Relationships

16 Января 2013, сочинение

How could you describe the word "family"? First of all "family" means a close unit of parents and their children living together. But we shouldn't forget that it is a most complex system of relationships. Family relationships are rarely as easy as we would like, and very often we have to work hard at keeping them peaceful.

Famous people of Belarus

06 Мая 2013, творческая работа

Victoria Azarenka was born on July 31, 1989 in Minsk, Belarus. She has one brother, and her parents Fedor and Alla Azarenka nicknamed her "Vika." Azarenka began playing tennis at age 7 when her mother, who was working at the tennis club at the time, handed her a racket and suggested she hit a ball against a wall to keep her entertained and out of trouble. She was instantly hooked, and soon decided that she wanted to play professionally.

Feste und Brauche in Deutschland

28 Ноября 2013, творческая работа

Es gibt religiöse und staatliche Feste, es gibt Ortsfeste und es gibt auch Familienfeste.
Auβerdem werden auch Berufsfeste gefeirt. Aber die gröβten traditionellen Jahresfeste sind Weihnachten, Ostern und Pfingsten, die gewöhnlich im Familienkreis gefeiert werden.

Film Translation

18 Ноября 2013, реферат

Film translation, as a kind of mass multimedia translation, is a new field of art and translation. Extended beyond the field of art, it has become a part of people’s lives and gives a strong impact on the formation of people’s language, living patterns, attitudes and even values. It plays a vital role in making people realize the importance of both national identities and national stereotypes.
Also it is a brilliant way of conveying messages.

Financial analysis of Baltyisky zavod

21 Февраля 2012, курсовая работа

Financial analysis refers to an assessment of the viability, stability and profitability of a company. It is performed in the form of reports using ratios that make use of information taken from financial statements and other reports. These reports are usually presented to top management as one of their basis in making business decisions. Based on these reports, management may make very important for the business decisions: continue or discontinue its main operation or part of its business; make or purchase certain materials in the manufacture of its product; acquire or lease certain machineries and equipments in the production of its goods; issue stocks or negotiate for a bank loan to increase its working capital on so on.

Financial Analysis of Tesco Plc organization

12 Сентября 2013, реферат

Financial analysis refers to the assessment of a business to deal with the planning, budgeting, monitoring, forecasting, and improving of all financial details within an organization. Understanding Tesco’s financial health is a fundamental aspect of responding to today’s increasingly stringent financial reporting requirements. To avoid risks, it must quickly identify ascertain financial ratios and trends across in liabilities and assets, analyze and adjust planned and forecasted amounts and act to provide regulatory statements as needed.
The entire assessment of Tesco’s strategic performance will lead to certain recommendations that would further enable the company to attain its strategic objectives comprehensively. Finally, the findings about the strategic performance of Tesco Plc will be presented in the conclusion section of this report.

Football in Russia and Great Britain

25 Ноября 2012, курсовая работа

Modern football began its journey in the XII century medieval England. Then the football played in the market places and even on the crooked, narrow streets. They played from morning till night. The number of players exceeds 100, with almost no restrictions existed.
Now, football in England - the sport of national significance, which plays an important role in English culture and English way of life.

Foreign exchange market (Иностранный обменный рынок)

04 Мая 2014, реферат

I’d like to add that the foreign exchange market is the largest market in the world in terms of the volume of transactions. That the volume of foreign exchange trading is many times larger than the volume of international trade and investment reflects that a distinction should be made between transactions that involve only banks and those that involve banks, individuals, and firms involved in international trade and investment.

Formal and Informal English

07 Сентября 2013, реферат

The difference between formal and informal English is not a difference between correct and incorrect, but a difference of what is known as register. A register is a variety of language related to a particular subject matter or area of activity, a set of words and expressions as well as syntactical features that may be said to characterise that specific area of language. There are many registers: technical, academic, mathematical, scientific, etc. Very broadly speaking, we can also speak of a “formal” and “informal” register in English. In writing academic reports and the like, it would be normal to draw most of the vocabulary and expressions from the formal register, and few, if any, from the informal. This entails avoiding colloquial (everyday) or slang expressions in your writing assignments.

Formats of MS Power Point presentations

28 Октября 2013, доклад

The topic of my report is analysis of file formats that a presentation can be saved in. and during my report I try to give you some recommendations concerning the use of the most popular formats.

Forms of business Partnerships

07 Апреля 2015, реферат

Presently in our country exist and are developed three main types of business companies: individual holdings (enterprises, based on personal property of owner), partnership and corporations. For instance, in United Staffs in 1982 s from 16 million companies suppressing majority were shown by individual possessions and their average profits formed only 42400 dollars, partnership was in 4 times above, but cost sold by goods corporations and services at the average exceeded 2 million dollars.

France : division administraive

17 Мая 2013, доклад

Avant la Révolution française de 1789, le Royaume de France était divisé en provinces historiques dont la taille correspondait grosso modo aux régions actuelles. En 1789, ces provinces ont été supprimées et le territoire français a été divisé en départements. Les régions sont plus récentes : apparues dans les années 1950, elles ont évolué du statut de regroupements administratifs de départements à celui de collectivités territoriales munies d'un conseil élu. Les autres collectivités territoriales sont les départements, les communes et certaines collectivités à statut particulier ou d'outre-mer.

France's Sarkozy warns Europe risks disintegration

26 Августа 2013, реферат

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has warned that "never has the risk of disintegration been greater" for Europe in a speech in Marseille.

He was addressing a gathering of European leaders of the centre right.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it would take years to overcome the crisis but "we need to have more Europe".

EU leaders are preparing for a key summit in Brussels, where they will be trying to clinch a deal on how to tackle the eurozone debt crisis.

Francisco de Quevedo

02 Мая 2013, доклад

Siguiendo a la corte, en 1606 se instaló en Madrid, donde continuó los estudios de teología e inició su relación con el duque de Osuna, a quien Francisco de Quevedo dedicó sus traducciones de Anacreonte, autor hasta entonces nunca vertido al español.
En 1613 Quevedo acompañó al duque a Sicilia como secretario de Estado, y participó como agente secreto en peligrosas intrigas diplomáticas entre las repúblicas italianas. De regreso en España, en 1616 recibió el hábito de caballero de la Orden de Santiago. Acusado, parece que falsamente, de haber participado en la conjuración de Venecia, sufrió una circunstancial caída en desgracia, a la par, y como consecuencia, de la caída del duque de Osuna (1620); detenido fue condenado a la pena de destierro en su posesión de Torre de Juan Abad (Ciudad Real).

French borrowings in the English language

17 Мая 2014, реферат

Since the Norman Conquest in 1066 the French language became more and more important. English nobility and other important positions in the church, military and other institutions were newly occupied by the French invaders. Now the upper class in England was replaced by Normans and French became their dominant language. However, the new ruling class formed only a minority of the population and the language existed side by side .The new kings of England spoke French, took French wives and lived mostly in France.

Frequency of Formal Errors in Current College Writing, or Ma and Pa Kettle Do Research

22 Апреля 2014, доклад

The labyrinthine project of which this research is a part represents an ongoing activity for us, something we engage in because we like to work together, have a long friendship, and share many interests. As we worked on this error research together, however, we started somewhere along the line to feel less and less like the white-coated Researchers of our dreams and more and more like characters we called Ma and Pa Kettle--good-hearted bumblers striving to understand a world whose complexity was more than a little daunting.

Frida Kahlo

11 Сентября 2013, биография

When Frida Kahlo had her first solo exhibition in Mexico a local critic wrote:
"It is impossible to separate the life and work of this extraordinary person. Her paintings are her biography."
Frida Kahlo was born in Mexico, July 6th, 1907.
She did not originally plan to become an artist. At the age of 18, she was seriously injured in a bus accident. She spent over a year in bed recovering from fractures to her spine, collarbone and ribs.

Friends for life

29 Января 2013, доклад

We got acquainted with it since school times, but close communication began not at once and a year later.
We spend free time in cafe to the Margaritke, adventures around the city, we visit a skating rink. To us when it won't be bored when we together. We will always find than to us to be engaged.
Its lines of laughter round her eyes mean that it is very amusing because she always tells jokes. It always helps me to make the work. Light reliable, sensitive and iskrenny. She likes to speak with strangers, thus, it means that she is very sociable.

From ancient London to nowadays one

28 Февраля 2013, доклад

According to Medieval chronicler Geoffrey of Monmouth, today’s city of London was founded by Brutus of Troy, a Trojan War hero who named the city Caer Troia (New Troy), giving the British a sense of pride in their ‘mythical’ origin, until the era of the English poet John Milton (1608–1664). The area of London was first settled by the Trinovantes, and later the Romans. It is said that after the town was named Caer Troia, it was renamed CaerLudein by King Lud in 73 BC, which was eventually changed to ‘London’. Geoffrey adorned the history of ancient London with many legendary kings and myths.

Function of the Respiratory System

21 Февраля 2014, реферат

The function of the human respiratory system is to transport air into the lungs and to facilitate the diffusion of Oxygen into the blood stream. Its also receives waste Carbon Dioxide from the blood and exhales it. Parts of the Upper Respiratory Tract 1) Mouth, nose & nasal cavity: The function of this part of the system is to warm, filter and moisten the incoming air
2) Pharynx: Here the throat divides into the trachea (wind pipe) and oesophagus (food pipe). There is also a small flap of cartilage called the epiglottis which prevents food from entering the trachea

Functional Styles

12 Ноября 2013, реферат

Functional styles (FS) are the subsystems of language, each subsystem having its own peculiar features in what concern vocabulary means, syntactical constructions, and even phonetics. The appearance and existence of FS is connected with the specific conditions of communication in different spheres of human life. FS differ not only by the possibility or impossibility of using some elements but also due to the frequency of their usage. For example, some terms can appear in the colloquial style but the possibility of its appearance is quite different form the possibility to meet it in an example of scientific style.

Future Technology and Aircraft Types

23 Сентября 2013, статья

The following discussion is based on a presentation by Ilan Kroo entitled, Reinventing the Airplane: New Concepts for Flight in the 21st Century.
When we think about what may appear in future aircraft designs, we might look at recent history. The look may be frightening. From first appearances, anyway, nothing has happened in the last 40 years!

There are many causes of this apparent stagnation. The first is the enormous economic risk involved. Along with the investment risk, there is a liability risk which is of especially great concern to U.S. manufacturers of small aircraft. One might also argue that the commercial aircraft manufacturers are not doing too badly, so why argue with success and do something new? These issues are discussed in the previous section on the origins of aircraft.

Game technology as a tool of developing interest in foreign language learning

29 Апреля 2015, курсовая работа

At present time the problem of increased psycho-emotional stress on students. Application of game forms of training helps to reduce pressure on the students' information. During the game, the child unconsciously possessed training material training opportunities for games has long been known. Many prominent educators rightly drawn attention to the effectiveness of games in the learning process. And this is understandable.

Gastric and duodenal ulcer

10 Марта 2014, творческая работа

The definition
The location of ulcer
The pathogenesis of gastric ulcer disease
Instrumental methods of diagnosis

General information

22 Мая 2013, реферат

The electronic customs project initiated by the European Commission aims to replace paper format customs procedures with EU wide electronic ones, thus creating a more efficient and modern customs environment. The project's dual objective is to enhance security at the EU's external borders and to facilitate trade. It should therefore benefit both businesses and citizens.
Electronic customs is a major development for the EU's Customs Union.


28 Сентября 2013, доклад

Germanen sind direkte Vorfahren der Deutschen. Sie sind die ersten Deutschen. Sie bewohnten die selben Gebiete, die auch heute zum Deutschland gehören. Als Germanen wurden sie so von den Römern genannt. Es gab nicht DIE Germanen. Durch die Vermischung, Wanderungen und Austausch mit anderen Völkern entstanden immer neue Gruppen der Germanen. Es waren unterschiedliche einzelne Stämme mit ihren Gebräuchen, zum Teil verfeindet, zum Teil lebten sie im Verbund miteinander. In der Region Lippe lebten die Cherusker. Es gab auch die Dinge, die die Germanen einigten. Zum Beispiel die Sprache. Niederländisch, Deutsch, skandinavische Sprachen haben sich aus der Sprache der Germanen entwickelt.

Glossary magazines

04 Мая 2013, статья

Magazines can be divided into two main categories: specialized magazines—also called trade and technical magazines—and consumer magazines. The latter seem to cover just about any subject, but publishers do target certain groups. Magazines that publish regularly are usually called periodicals, and those with a more academic content are known as journals. Magazines differ from newspapers in form and content, being more compact and printed on better quality paper, which usually gives that glossy finish, so attractive to the buyer. In content, magazines generally have less concern for rapidly changing events and news items than do newspapers. They represent a variety of writers and cover a wide range of information and opinions. They also employ different writing styles, ranging from factual reporting to a more personal or emotional style.

Government measures to further stimulation of small entrepreneurship

02 Мая 2013, контрольная работа

In this regard the need for in-depth theoretical study of SE's development in Kazakhstan is very important. The relevance of this study is also stipulated by the fact that SE is the driving force of the market formation and development. Small-scale enterprises significantly and without substantial capital investments expand the production of consumer goods and services, assist to align life conditions of the population, involve in the production labor, material and financial resources, accelerate de-monopolization of the production, promote competition development, are the basis for mass owners strata formation as the basis of middle class of society, and are the source of tangible budget receipts and sustainable economic growth.

Graduation Paper Summary

27 Апреля 2013, реферат

The graduation paper is devoted to the question of the lack of development of political marketing in our country.
The overall idea of the research is to discover development of such discipline as «political marketing» during the history of the Russian Federation existence, understand the importance and the role of political marketing in foreign internal politics and moreover to compare them whith each other in order to undertand what makes foreign political marketing successful.