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20th Century Fox

27 Февраля 2014, реферат

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, with hyphen, from 1935 to 1985)—also known as 20th Century Fox, or 20th Century Fox Pictures, is one of the six major American film studios as of 2011. Located in the Century City area of Los Angeles, just west of Beverly Hills, the studio used to be a subsidiary of News Corporation, but now it's currently a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.

A Farewell to Arms as an Anti-War Novel

07 Декабря 2012, реферат

There are indications in each of the novel’s five books that Ernest Hemingway meant A Farewell to Arms to be a testament against war. World War One was a cruel war with no winners; ”War is not won by victory” (47). Lieutenant Frederic Henry, the book’s hero and narrator, experiences the disillusionment, the hopelessness and the disaster of the war. But Henry also experiences a passionate love; a discrepancy that ironically further describes the meaninglessness and the frustration felt by the soldiers and the citizens.

A role of the Environmental Ethics in the modern society

02 Июня 2013, реферат

The inspiration for environmental ethics was the first Earth Day in 1970 when environmentalists started urging philosophers who were involved with environmental groups to do something about environmental ethics. An intellectual climate had developed in the last few years of the 1960s in large part because of the publication of two papers in Science: Lynn White`s “The Historical Roots of our Ecological Crisis” (March 1967) and Garett Hardin`s "The Tragedy of the Commons" (December 1968). Most influential with regard to this kind of thinking, however, was an essay in Aldo Leopold`s A Sand County Almanac, "The Land Ethic," in which Leopold explicitly claimed that the roots of the ecological crisis were philosophical.

A Simple and Convenient Method for Epoxidation of Olefins without Metal Catalysts

15 Декабря 2013, контрольная работа

Oxidation reactions of olefins to give epoxides are of major importance for organic synthesis. Nowadays, especially asymmetric epoxidation reactions are in the focus of methodological developments. However, the synthesis of racemic epoxides is still important on laboratory as well as industrial scales. A convenient method for the synthesis of epoxides is the oxidation of olefins with hydrogen peroxide or alkyl peroxides in the presence of transition metal complexes.

A Trainee-centered approach in teaching a foreign language

13 Января 2012, курсовая работа

The topic of the term paper is Trainee-centered Approach in Teaching a Foreign Language.
The trainee/learner-centered approach to foreing language learning offers teachers many ideas in the organization and implementation of assignments aimed at the profound language acquisition. The quintessence of the approach lies in taking into consideration the differences in the language-acquiring capabilities of school students, their psychological traits and the necessity to put focus on the learning activities carried out by students. According to such scholars as R. Buck, W.J. Cook and R.S. Railsback, all these factors can be integrated in the project activities.

Abbreviation and other types of shortening in the aspect of their functions in Modern English language

17 Мая 2013, дипломная работа

The theme of my diploma work sounds as following: “Abbreviation and other types of shortening in the aspect of their functions in Modern English language”. The actuality of this work caused by several important points. It is safe to say that nowadays the shortening of the words is one of the main trends in the development of Modern English language, especially in its colloquial layer, which, in its turn at high degree is supported by constant development of modern informational technologies and simplification of speech with no loss of its informative content. So the significance of this work can be proved by the following reasons: a) Shortening of words is one of the developing branches of lexicology nowadays.

Abbreviations and acronyms in English

30 Ноября 2013, курсовая работа

There are a lot of scientific papers about phenomenon of abbreviation. For example, Hongfang Liu has a work about abbreviations in the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS); Peter D Stetson, Carol Friedman also have abbreviation studies. But a permanent increase of the number of reduced lexemes and diversification of mechanisms of their formation requires more detailed study. «Study of the reduce of the multiple phrases and its lexicalization, establishing of the role of abbreviations is the urgent problem of modern of English.» [21, p. 25]
The significance of the paper.

About Myself

12 Декабря 2012, задача

I was born on the 3rd of July 1990 in Moscow. Like many other children I went to a kindergarten. At the age of 6 I went to school. My school was next to my house. Many pupils of our primary school were my neighbours. I was very proud when I became a pupil.

Academy of St Martin in the Fields

03 Октября 2013, доклад

‘The hallmarks of the Academy sound – which is typically
brilliant, light, reserved, even polite – were still there in chipper,
clean performances of two early symphonies set at blazingfast tempos.’
The Academy of St Martin in the Fields - one of the finest chamber orchestras in
the world - is renowned for its polished and refined sound, rooted in outstanding
musicianship. Formed in 1958 from a group of leading London musicians, and
working without a conductor, the Academy gave its first performance in its namesake
church on 13th November 1959.

Accounting of Germany

30 Апреля 2012, реферат

The system of accounting of Germany has old traditions and is focused, first of all, on accurate observance of standards of the adopted legislation. The state creates the certain standard conditions of managing which are obligatory for all managing subjects and should be observed strictly. Business has close connections with banks which are the main users of the accounting reporting and satisfy financial inquiries of the companies.

Accuracy Versus Fluency in English

23 Сентября 2013, реферат

Why teaching speaking is so difficult? If we compare it to teaching listening skills, where varieties of techniques have been developed since the introduction of the oral communication courses, partly with the aid of new technological devices such as the closed captioning system or mini disk, teaching speaking seems to be far behind.
One reason for this stagnation is that there is no view commonly agreed upon of what successful speaking is. One view is that the speech is thought to be successful as long as the learner can make himself/herself understood no matter how incorrect the language is, while another view insists on correctness in every aspect of language ranging from grammar to pronunciation.

Adam And EVa

24 Ноября 2013, сочинение

Some words about relationships between man and woman during the history of humanity.
Main and the most important problems in communication with opposite sex.
How to construct the best dialog with opposite sex.

Addiction and the brain

05 Ноября 2012, доклад

to a greater understanding of the neurobiologi-
cal processes that underlie drug abuse and addiction. These suggest that multiple
neurotransmitter systems may play a key role in the development and expression of
drug dependence. These advances in our knowledge promise not only to help us
identify the underlying cause of drug abuse and dependence

Advertising prospects

09 Января 2013, статья

Webster's explanatory dictionary defines advertisement as «a public announcement intended to promote the sale, purchase or rental of a product or service, to advance a cause or idea or to bring about some other effect desired by the advertiser, for which transmission time has been given to the advertiser for remuneration or similar consideration». [

Agriculture of Great Britain

13 Мая 2012, доклад

Agriculture, one of Britain's most important industries, supplies nearly two-thirds of the country's food. British agriculture is efficient, for it is based on modern technology and research. Modern machines: tractors, combines and other equipment are used on British farms.

Albert Einstein

11 Марта 2013, реферат

Albert Einstein was a famous scientist [ ] who completely [ ] changed the way that people saw [ ] our world and the universe. Einstein created many theories [ ] which proved that things like gravity [ ], light, energy and matter were connected with each other. At first, very few scientists could understand Einstein’s theories but as time passed [ ] other scientists showed that he was correct.
Albert Einstein was born in Germany in 1879 and grew [ ] up in Munich. He wasn't a good student at school and only did things he was interested in, like science and mathematics. At a very early age young Albert started wondering about the mysteries of the universe.

Alex Raphael Meschini

25 Февраля 2013, творческая работа

Alex was born on the 25th of March 1982 in Korneliu-Prokopiu in family of farmers. He is a pupil of mini-football club «Atletiko-Pirassunungense», in which he came at the age 9 years. On the 27th of February 2009 he moved to Moscow Spartak. On the 2st of March Alex was presented to the team and had the first training. He got a 12th number. First Alex played in the Zenith. On the 5th April in a game against «Spartak» Nalchik, he scored in the first goal from «Spartak» Moscow. This goal brought victory in a game. On the 4th October he showed out «Spartak» on the field as a capitain of team. Alex won the silver medals of championship of Russian the team «Spartak», that fact disappointed him. He said, that he always like and to be the first in everything. He can’t stand being the second or the third. Alex is a central midfielder. He is the best forward of league Gaushu, South American Cup, the best attacking midfielder of Championship of Brasil, the best on the amount of goal, passes in the Championship of Russia.

Alianțe ca mijloc de realizare a intereselor!

14 Ноября 2013, доклад

Actualitatea acestei temei constă în determinarea, necesitatăței de a analiza și de a înțelege experiența acestei formațiuni și funcționarea unor astfel de alianțe internaționale pentru a atinge un scop comun. Ce este destul de justificate și astăzi.

American Cinema

29 Октября 2013, доклад

I’m a cinema goer. And also I like watching films on TV or video. But I think, that watching a good film is the best relaxation. It is thought-provoking and entertaining. Now a growing number of people prefer watching films on TV to attending cinemas. There are wonderful comedies, love stories, science fiction, horror films, detective stories, and historical films on. There’s a variety of films available today. It is difficult to live without cinema. One fact is clear for everyone: cinema makes our life better. Cinema helps us to forget different problems. When people watch films, they have a rest. Some films take people into another world. I think it is a pure world, where usual problems do not even exist.

American educational system in alphabet

23 Мая 2012, реферат

A - The SAT - is a standardized test designed to measure basic critical reading, math and writing skills. Most colleges and universities request ACT or SAT score results from applicants. Students may usually take their test of choice, but it is best to check with schools of interest before selecting (unless the student plans to take both exams). Standardized tests are an important factor in the admissions process, and students should do their best to show schools that they know their stuff. The SAT is composed of three main sections, each with its own subsections. The three major sections will be graded on a scale of 200-800. The final score will be the sum of all sections, a number between 600 and 2400

American Landmarks

07 Октября 2015, реферат

what is the sight.
Pool Hamilton.
Beverly Hills
White house.
Park Redvud.
Fly Geyser.
Yellowstone park.

American Muscle Cars

30 Апреля 2013, реферат

Muscle car is a term used to refer to a variety of high-performance automobiles. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines muscle cars as "any of a group of American-made 2-door sports coupes with powerful engines designed for high-performance driving." A large V8 engine is fitted in a 2-door, rear wheel drive, family-style mid-size or full-size car designed for four or more passengers. Sold at an affordable price, muscle cars are intended for mainly street use and occasional drag racing. They are distinct from two-seat sports cars and expensive 2+2 GTs intended for high-speed touring and road racing. Developed simultaneously in their own markets, muscle cars also emerged from manufacturers in Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.

An English Family

13 Октября 2013, контрольная работа

The Cornfords live in Rugby at 28 Coronation Street. John Cornford is a rich businessman of about fifty. He is tall and dark. He wears dark suits but at weekends he wears casual clothes. He usually gets up at six, does some exercises and goes to the office. He never gets back before ten o'clock at night, so he doesn't see much of his family. He is interested in collecting pictures of horses. At the moment he is travelling on business in America because he's opening an office over morenext year.
Sarah, MrCornford's wife, is forty five. She is an attractive woman with blond hair and soft blue eyes. She is kindand gentle, very practical and full of common sense. Sarah is a housewife. She looks after the house and the family.

Analysis of brief news items

12 Декабря 2013, курсовая работа

They are:
1. Official (documents and papers);
2. Scientific (brochures, articles, other scientific publications);
3. Publicistic (essay, public speech);
4. Newspaper style (mass media);
5. Belles-lettres style (genre of creative writing);

Andriy Mykolayovych Shevchenko

20 Ноября 2013, контрольная работа

Shevchenko's career has been highlighted by many awards, the most prestigious of which was the Ballon d'Or in 2004 (becoming the third Ukrainian, after Oleh Blokhin and Ihor Belanov, to receive it). He won the UEFA Champions League in 2003 with Milan, and he has also won various league and cup titles in Ukraine, Italy, and England. He is also a UEFA Champions League runner-up in 2005 and 2008. In his illustrious international career, the striker led Ukraine as captain to the quarter-finals in their first ever FIFA World Cup appearance in 2006. He is capable of playing centre-forward or attacking from the left wing and is effective with set-pieces and penalties.Even though mostly he was a striker, upon his return to Kiev he was used as a left winger.


31 Января 2014, лекция

Animals are multicellular organisms that obtain energy by eating food. They live in a vast range of habitats, from deserts and Arctic tundra to the deep-sea floor. Like all living things, animals show similarities and differences that enable them to be classified into groups. Birds, for example, are the only animals that have feathers, while mammals are the only ones that have fur. Animals are also classified according to other characteristics, including their internal anatomy, patterns of development, and genetic makeup. Scientists divide the animal kingdom into approximately 30 groups, each called a phylum.


11 Марта 2013, доклад

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), formerly Apple Computer, Inc., is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. Its best-known hardware products are the Mac line of computers, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad. Its software includes the OS X and iOS operating systems, the iTunes media browser, the Safari web browser, and the iLife and iWork creativity and production suites. The company was founded on April 1, 1976, and incorporated on January 3, 1977. The word "Computer" was removed from its name on January 9, 2007, reflecting its shifted focus towards consumer electronics after the introduction of the iPhone.

Appointment with Love

26 Мая 2013, сочинение

Six minutes to six, said the great round clock over the information booth in Grand Central Station. The tall young Army lieutenant who had just come from the direction of the tracks lifted his sunburned face, and his eyes narrowed to note the exact time. His heart was pounding with a beat that shocked him because he could not control it. In six minutes, he would see the woman who had filled such a special place in his life for the past 13 months, the woman he had never seen, yet whose written words had been with him and sustained him unfailingly.


15 Октября 2014, доклад

Arab- Israeli conflict is among the large-scale conflicts which more than 60 years last. Between Israel and other Arab states there were political, religious, economic and also military contradictions. Actions happened in the Middle East.
Defining the different reasons of this conflict, nevertheless we can say that it more territorial conflict.

Argotismen als "Parole" der asozialen Elemente der Gesellschaft

14 Марта 2014, реферат

Relativ stabile soziale Gruppen existieren als Familie, als Alters-, Freizeit-, Interessen-, und Organisationsgruppen. Auch hier bilden sich durch gemeinsame Kommunikationsbedürfnisse, -aufgaben, -gegenstände und -situationen gruppenspezifische Wortschätze heraus. Das Spektrum solcher Gruppenwortschätze ist sehr breit. Es reicht von solchen mit einem festgelegten terminologischen Kern, wie er als Sonderwortschatz verschiedener Spiel- und Sportarten existiert, bis hin zu solchen sich schnell verändernden, sich um Originalität bemühenden Sprachformen der Jugendlichen und Minderjährigen [9, S. 237]. Untersuchungen zum Sprachgebrauch sozialer Gruppen und Randgruppen zielen sowohl auf schichtenspezifische verbale Codes als auch auf gruppenspezifische Sprachverwendungen [6, S. 72].