The problem of orphans

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         The problem of  orphans

The paramount problem for the Republic of Belarus is the problem of  childhood protection.

Social policy in relation to orphans is actual as it’s one of the most acute social and economic problems in our country, connected with the growth of orphans.

The investigation of the problem of social orphanhood testifies that this phenomenon is caused by many reasons and factors.The leading place occupies family`s crisis and Instability of Family-marriage relations

One of the acute social-economic and psychoeducational problems in our country is the problem of social orphanhood. Social orphanhood is growing. Among the common number of children left without parents` care, the number of children who were taken away from their parents without the deprivation of parental rights, also grows

According to statistics about 500 mothers repudiate their children in the republic annually.

The growth of the number of orphans and children, left without parents` care, caused the growth of boarding schools. But this growth is caused by the appearance of new types of establishments for orphans; orphanages, children`s villages, children`s houses of family type.

Orphans` care can be carried out by placing a child in a family (adoption, tutorship, a foster family) or by the state`s care.

An optimal form of orphans` upbringing is adoption which opens prospects for a safe and stable bringing up of children, who don`t have an opportunity to stay with their parents.

The most reasonable forms of orphans` placement in the Republic of Belarus are considered to be state and family care, but  the priority is given to the family care, because family has the paramount importance in child`s development and upbringing.  

Visited “The house of baby  “ we couldn’t play with children,couldn’t spent time with them.But we gave our love and support with toys and presents.And I believe people won’t be unconcerned and will give love and support to children , who live in children’s houses.  

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