Breast cancer

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Breast cancer is a highly aggressive malignant tumors due to its extremely high potency of metastasis. Metastases are more common in the axillary lymph nodes - in the 48-73.6%, then in the supraclavicular - at 16-19% and parasternal - in 2.4-15%. (Halyard, Michele Y. )There are two ways of metastatic breast cancer: the most common - and less common lymphogenous hemogenic. One of the most important ways of lymphatic drainage of the breast is the axillary, parasternal then. Hematogenous metastases can occur in any organ. The most common hematogenous metastases are lungs, pleura, liver and bone. There are many hypotheses for breast cancer, in this study the influence carcinogens on genetic changes and the effect of nutrition on the growth of cancerous tumors

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