Краткая биография и жизнь первой женщины на посту Премьер Министра Великобритании: Маргарет Тэтчер

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Тэтчер приватизировать находящихся в государственной промышленности и сделал сокращения государственного образования, больниц и социальных пособий. В ранних ", Великобритания сталкивается с безработицей, инфляцией, проблемы Северной Ирландии. В 1982 году Великобритания стала участвовать в необъявленную войну против Аргентины на Фолклендских островах. После победы на Фолклендских островах, она была образ сильного, авторитетного лидера. В 1983 году избирательная кампания, она выиграла с большим большинством голосов.

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1) Margaret Thatcher (Margaret Robins) was born in 1925 (13, October) in Grantham, England.

71th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK Conservative Party) in the years 1979-1990, the Baroness in 1992. 
2) Margaret is the first and only woman, who attended as the Prime Minister of Great Britain, and the first woman to become prime minister of a European state.

She is the longest serving Prime Minister of the twentieth century.

3) Margaret was a good student and won a scholarship to Oxford to study chemistry. 
Having got an education of the chemist, she became a lawyer, in 1959 was elected the member of Parliament.

Margaret Thatcher began her career in politics, when she became a Conservative Member of Parliament.

4) From 1970 to 1974 Thatcher was Secretary of State for Education. In 1975 she became leader of the Conservative Party which was the Opposition.

5) Earned the nickname "Iron Lady" for criticism of the Soviet leadership, she brought to life a number of conservative measures that have become part of the policy of so-called "Thatcherism". Her style and her views appealed to many British people who had lost confidence in the welfare state and in the direction the nation had taken.

6) Thatcher privatized publicly-owned industries and made cuts in state education, hospitals and welfare benefits. In early 's, Britain was facing unemployment, inflation, problems of Northern Ireland. In 1982, Britain became involved in an undeclared war against Argentina in the Falkland Islands. After the victory in the Falklands, she had an image of a strong, authoritative leader. In the 1983 election campaign, she won with a large majority of votes. In 19i she won her third term as Prime Minister defeating the Labour Party which suffered from loss of votes due to the newly formed alliance with Liberal.

7) Few of the problems of the 1980s were entirely new. However, many people blamed them on the new Conservative government, and in particular, Britain’s first woman Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. The need for such a break with the past had been widely recognized for some years. As a result the old Conservative-Labour agreement on the guiding principles of the welfare state had already broke down.

8) Political figure Margaret Thatcher was very popular in the late 80's of the twentieth century. In Russia, she was well known by the trustee relationship that she was able to establish with Mikhail Gorbachev.

9) On November 22, 1990 Margaret, the first and while the only woman who has visited a post of the Prime Minister of England, retired, but two years later came back to political activity - Margaret held a post of the Baroness and became the member of chamber of lords.


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